Largemouth Bass

Remote Catskill Mountain Pond, Sullivan County, New York


The LARGEMOUTH BASS is one of the, if not the most sought after gamefish in North America.  Largemouth bass are among the various species included in the Sunfish family.  Every year millions of dollars are spent on both tournaments and equipment in pursuit of this fish. Largemouth bass can be distinguished from its cousin the smallmouth bass, as the largemouth’ s upper jaw extends beyond their eye.  This is why it is also referred to as the ‘big mouth bass”.

Their popularity among fishermen is due in part to their availability in a multitude of environments, such as rivers, ponds, lakes, streams and reservoirs. Outside of the catfish, the largemouth bass is probably the largest first fish for many youngsters.  The largemouth bass is also very aggressive in attacking its prey and can put on a spectacular display, leaping several feet into the air. They can weigh up to 20+ pounds.

Lake caught Largemouth Bass

Where to Find Them

Largemouth Bass like to lurk in places where they can ambush their prey. They prefer quiet places that have water vegetation, like water lilies; sunken trees with limbs and roots; rocks, under piers, bridges and other natural or man-made shelters. In the spring spawn and summer, they like warm, shadow waters.  If you approach the water quietly, you may see them warming in the sunlight. Find a small remote pond that is not fished actively, and you may be in position to catch the Largemouth Bass that you will be able to share the story for life.

North Carolina Pond Bass


There are many choices for both the type of equipment and the bait that can be used for fishing for largemouth bass.

  • Spin Caster, Spinning, Bait Caster and Traditional Fly and Tenkara combo’s all can be used for Largemouth Bass. 
  • Poles and fishing line in 6-12 pound range are adequate depending on the conditions that you are fishing. (e.g. If you are fishing in heavy vegetation, you might want to use heavier equipment.)

Largemouth Bass

  • Common lures used include soft plastic worms, jerk baits, jigs, flies, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, frogs, and spoons.
  • Natural baits such as night crawlers, meal worms, crickets, minnows, frogs.

Tenkara Caught Largemouth Bass

Always become familiar with the local rules and regulations that are in effect in the places you fish.


Remember to “get out to get in”


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