Welcome to the Clique

"get out yp get in"

“Welcome to outdoorCLIQUE, where you have to get out to get in!”

Wondering who we are?

We are a group “clique” who share a common bond related to enjoying being outdoors.  

Some of us grew up doing this as kids and others have been introduced once they became adults. You will never see a more enjoyable image than that of a youngster catching their first fish. I think the word “priceless” comes to mind.

See Gallery – Get Out To Get In


Our Mission – To create a venue (be a conduit) that assists people in maximizing their outdoor experiences, while dealing with the challenges of everyday life!

Priceless Memory!!

Priceless Memory!!

Our Passion

OutdoorCLIQUE aims to be the conduit that links both the experienced and novice person, looking to experience the outdoors, not only with information related to fishing, camping, hiking, etc., but to also provide you with information to help you navigate the daily life challenges, to free up more time to allow you to “Get Out.”

As it has been said before….”do something that you love and it will never seem like work”.  While we cannot control the work element in your life, this site is dedicated to helping you maximize the time you do have.  We want you to enjoy and share your love of being outdoors with the clique because being outdoors is our passion!

Welcome to the clique and make yourself at home!


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