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Great Hunger Park, New York

Biking to Fish In V.E. Macy Park/Great Hunger Memorial

Every now and then you find a hidden jewel to escape to. My jewel came as a result of reading an article about biking to places to fish and I was intrigued.  So I started to look for places that were within a reasonable bike ride.

Fishing Hunger Park

And it is a good thing I chose to bike to V.E. Macy Park/Great Hunger Memorial, as the only way to enter the park is via a car from the northbound lane of the Saw Mill Parkway.  V.E. Macy Park is divided into separate areas. There are ballfields, a playground, comfort stations and picnic pavilions. The Woodlands Lake section is a good spot for fishing. On the otherside of the lake, you can see the Great Hunger Memorial, a sculpture commemorating the Irish famine

Biking down the South County Trailway, you bike several miles surrounded by greenery all around and kept cool during the heat of summer by the shade from the trees lining both sides of the bike path and the Saw Mill River flowing alongside the bike path.  You pass other bikers, runners, joggers and walkers.

As you approach the park you get a glimpse of Woodlands Lake.  The lake is always full of ducks and geese. There is a bridge that connects the bike path to the park. As you pass over the bridge you can look down to see the waterfall created by the runoff from the lake.  On most sunny days you can look down into the lake from the bridge and see large carp looking for food floating down to the waterfalls.

Hunger Park

You can fish from the bridge, or either side of the lake. On the bike path side there is more overgrowth but plenty of fallen trees and bushes that bass and pan fish can ambush bait from.

On the other side of the lake, the access to the lake is unobstructed for a good part and allows for easy access to fish in the lake. There is always a fair amount of weed growth in the water, so you need to decide if you want to fish on top or bottom.  This is a good place to take kids or other that need easy access.

Fishing Hunger Park



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