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August 7, 2016 Comments (2) Fishing, outdoorCLIQUE Blog

Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum -Summerfest

Over the weekend I took the opportunity to head up to the Catskills to visit friends and attend the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum’s (CFFCM) annual Summerfest and Anglers’ Market. It was an extremely hot day (in mid eighties) so I dashed all thoughts of chasing trout on the Willowemoc Creek

The Summer fest usually attracts the “who’s who” of Fly-fishing. It is a chance to be very impressed (or severely humbled) by seeing fly-fishing men and women cast multiple car lengths, accurately! There are 3 competitions — one each for bamboo, graphite and fiberglass rods.

CFFCM Summer fest

CFFCM Summer fest

And there are plenty of vendors that will sell you a custom hand made rod, so you can try to cast like the experts. There are also plenty of reels, flies, publications and every other thing “fly-fishing” to peak your interest.

Ricky is an avid fly fisherman and a student of the sport. He could easily win a game of Trout Jeopardy against the best. When he saw the legendary Joan Wolff, he became a young kid standing outside of Yankee Stadium waiting on line for a Reggie Jackson autograph. You probably cannot measure his level of excitement by looking at his face. Yeah, right!!! Another checkmark off his bucket list.

Jerry Girard -Antique Tackle

Jerry Girard – Antique Tackle Dealer

And the weekend in addition to providing the “Joan Wulff” moment; also happened to coincide with the centennial birthday of a CFFCM legend, Agnes Van Put. Agnes is known by anyone who has visited CFFCM, for her warm demeanor and even more famous “soups of the day”. If you have ever visited the museum on a chilly fall afternoon, after spending the morning chasing trout on the Beaverkill, having Agnes serve up a cup of her homemade soup, was priceless.

Ricky with "The" Joan Wulff

Ricky with “The” Joan Wulff

Happy Birthday Agnes

Happy 100th Birthday Agnes

“Get out to Get in”

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