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August 3, 2016 Comments (0) outdoorCLIQUE Blog

Large & Smallmouth Bass – Kensico Reservoir, NY

My buddy Bill and I do not get out as often as we would like, but when we do, we have a great time. Bill is the consummate fisherman. Be it when we are targeting bass on lakes in the summer or fishing for trout in a snowstorm on opening day in the Catskills, Bill is always in the zone. He has mastered using the “stick worm” to ambush bass. Rigging and fishing a “stick worm” is simple and very effective if fished correctly in the typical bass hangouts, such as down trees, drop offs, weed beds etc. One provider of “stick worms” is Yum Baits.

Bill's catch on Kenisco Resevior

Bill’s catch on Kenisco Resevior

Another bass falling prey to Bill's "worm"

Another bass falling prey to Bill’s “worm”

Bill is normally a catch and release person. On some occasions he donates his catch to members of his church congregation.

Bill's bounty headed to put a smile on a member's face!

Bill’s bounty headed to put a smile on a member’s face!

I am sure that this bounty will bring a smile to that lucky member’s face.

Keep up the great work Bill!

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